Odour concentration measurements

The most significant problem of air pollution for many companies in various sectors is odours, which are often an unpleasant burden to the surrounding population. In case of odours, the company needs to develop an action programme for eliminating odours.

First, the odour concentration is determined by measurements. The Environmental Research Laboratory performs odour concentration measurements in accordance with requirements of the standard LVS EN 13725: 2004 “Air quality - Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry”. Odour concentration is determined with olfactometry instruments manufactured by the Canadian company Scentroid. According to the results ELLE specialists perform both the assessment of disturbances caused by odour emissions of the company, and the assessment of related problems on a larger scale.

Electronic noses

Current practice shows that the time required for laboratory experts to arrive at the site and perform odour measurements can take up to several days. In cases where continuous assessment of odour pollution is required, the solution is to use electrochemical, metal oxide and photoionization detectors, also called "electronic noses", which perform continuous indicative measurements of odour concentration. The accumulated data can be compared with the odour concentration target value specified in regulatory enactments.

For continuous indicative measurements of odour concentration ELLE uses odour and volatile organic compound monitoring devices WT1 and WT2, manufactured by the French company Ellona.

ELLE Environmental Research Laboratory is the only laboratory in the Baltic region accredited to perform odour concentration measurements in the environment with electronic noses.

The laboratory calibrates the monitoring stations by applying the odour measurement method specified in the standard LVS EN 13725: 2004 “Air quality - Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry method”, ensuring high quality of results.

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